• Greenville Emergency Plumbing Services

  • At Greenville Plumbing Pros, we understand how important it is for you to receive immediate help when you are faced with an emergency, such as a burst pipe. Contact us for 24/7 assistance, and we will dispatch an experienced technician to your home right away.

  • Once we have repaired the problem, we are happy to provide you with helpful tips to prevent the same issue from recurring. Take a look at what your neighbors in Greenville , NC are saying about our services--click here to read customer reviews.

  • How do you know if repair is necessary?


    With a burst pipe, significant water damage can happen in a short period of time. It can lead to flooding in your home and even mold growth if areas remain wet or damp for more than a day or two. With significant water loss comes an inflated water bill as well. Protect your home by understanding what to do in the event of an emergency such as a burst pipe.

    As soon as you notice that a pipe has burst, take the initial step to turn off your home’s water supply. Do this by locating the main shutoff valve, often located in the basement near the water meter.

    After you have stopped all water flow and gained some relief from potential flooding, contact Greenville Plumbing Pros for emergency repairs. We will get to your home as soon as possible to fix the affected areas and make sure you are safe from further problems.

  • What other plumbing problems require immediate help?


    Clogged sewer lines and water heater leaks are also considered emergency situations. These pose an inconvenience as well as waste a significant amount of water; both can result in property damage if the situation is not addressed quickly.

    If the emergency involves a pipe leak or burst, it is important to immediately turn off your home’s main water supply to avoid even greater water damage.


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