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  • What are air handlers?

  • The air handler is one of the most important aspects of your HVAC unit. Its job is to circulate and regulate the flow of air through the HVAC unit.

    Air handlers are often enclosed in a large metal box. The handler contains several components of the HVAC unit such as the cooling and heating coils, filter chambers, blower, dampers, and sound attenuators. Air handling units are connected to ductwork that runs through the property and circulates air through the building and back again.

  • What are common problems?

  • There are several common issues that can cause air handlers to break down. One of the most common problems is a clogged air filter. The air handler must be maintained on a regular basis and the air filter must also be changed for the air handling unit to continue to function properly. Clogged air filters restrict the flow of air throughout the home and can result in air handler damage if the problem is severe enough.

    Another common issue affecting air handling units is the motor burning out. The motor of an air handler is what operates the fan and keeps it functioning. The fan of the air handler is what circulates the air through the unit. The fan must be properly maintained to ensure it stays free of dirt and debris so it will not burn out.

    Damage to the blower fan belts of the air handler is another common issue that can cause the unit to break down. The fan belt is exposed to outdoor elements and is susceptible to damage. If the belt is damaged and not properly replaced, it can severely damage the rest of the air handler.

    Pan leaks are another common issue that can result in the air handler breaking down. If the drain line becomes clogged due to mold or other dirt and debris, the unit will not drain as it should. Water damage can occur within the unit if the drainage becomes backed up enough.

    The air handling unit of a home or business is what circulates the air throughout the building. Timely repair and replacement will help ensure that your home maintains a constant, comfortable temperature. If the air handler breaks down and is not replaced, proper air circulation may fail to occur.

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