• Greenville Sewage Pump Replacement

  • Are you having problems with your sewage pump? Let Greenville Plumbing Pros help you install a new one. We are your Greenville Plumbing Pros sewage pump replacement technicians, providing quality services guaranteed for the long term. Click here for our customer reviews and see what others in the neighborhood are saying.

  • When is the right time to replace your sewage pump?

  • In some cases, your pump may only need repair. However, if problems persist, or there is significant damage, you will need to replace your system.

    The following are four signs you may need a new sewage pump:

    • Unusual sounds coming from your pump
    • The pump runs longer than usual
    • The pump is causing the circuit breaker to “pop”
    • There is a lack of fluid produced even though the motor is running

    If you notice these or other problems, contact us to learn your options for replacement. Sewage pumps operate off of 115 volts AC, which can easily sustain a deadly shock. The dangers increase in a flooded basement or house. This is why we recommend professional services that ensure a safe replacement.

  • What is causing the problem?

  • One of the biggest issues affecting sewage pumps is electrical failure. The problem could lie in the wiring, but it could just as easily be the motor; it is common for a pump to fail due to motor issues.

    If the pump is required to perform more work that it is designed to do, problems can also occur. This is why it’s important to understand the limits of your particular sewage pump so it is not overworked. If the pump is pushed past its normal workload, the motor can fail. When we install your sewage pump, we will make the sure the system with the right horsepower is used.

    A third factor that can cause problems is the switch inside the pump. These switches can get stuck and even break. Fortunately, they can be replaced without having to replace the entire sewage pump. We can troubleshoot your pump to determine if the problem lies in the switch.

  • Contact us today at (252) 558-1195 to safely replace your sewage pump. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and honest, upfront pricing.