• Greenville Refrigerator & Ice Maker Water Line Services

  • Refrigerators featuring ice makers prove convenient and now come standard in most units. The water lines connecting to the ice maker are often expected to work reliably with little maintenance, but problems can occur over time through general wear and tear. This is where we come in. Greenville Plumbing Pros is your local Greenville Plumbing Pros refrigerator and ice maker water line team providing quality services at upfront rates. Click here to read our customer reviews.

  • What are common problems?

  • Problems affecting refrigerator water lines include disconnected lines and valves, clogged or dirty filters, and frozen lines.

    In some cases, the water line can unknowingly become disconnected if the refrigerator is moved. If your refrigerator's water dispenser suddenly stops working, check to make sure the line is still connected and the valve is turned on.

    Clogged and dirty filters also pose a problem, as the water is not allowed to flow freely. Fortunately, the filter is easy to clean and you will be back to enjoying ice cold water in no time.

  • What are signs you need to repair your refrigerator water line?

  • You will need to repair the water line to your refrigerator if water is flowing slowly, the switch that starts the flow is not working, or water pressure is low. These issues require professional assistance. We can safely diagnose and repair the problem using the most effective solution.

    Most problems can be solved with a quick repair, but more extensive problems may require replacing the water line.

  • Do you need to replace your water line?

  • Refrigerator and ice maker water lines will need to be replaced if they are leaking, or if the water temperature or water pressure is inconsistent. These all point to a more complicated underlying problem.

    In some cases, cracked and leaking water lines can be salvaged with basic repairs; however, refrigerator lines are so small that it is much more effective to replace the line.

  • If you are not sure what is causing problems with your refrigerator water line, contact us for an inspection and the right solution. Call us today at (252) 558-1195 for quality service at competitive prices.