• Greenville Bathroom Remodeling Services

  • Before we start to remodel your bathroom plumbing features, we will need to identify any existing problems. Read on for common issues we look out for, and local codes to be aware of. If you are ready to get started on creating the bathroom you have been dreaming about, contact Greenville Plumbing Pros for help repairing existing issues, rerouting any lines, and installing new fixtures. We are our local plumbers serving Greenville, NC and surrounding areas--click here to read our customer reviews.

  • What problems do we handle before a bathroom remodel?

  • Age is not the only factor that produces noticeable wear and tear on your fixtures. We will look for hidden leaks, clogs, and even the smallest drips that are likely to reduce the performance of the plumbing in your bathroom.

    Clogs occur when objects block the drains and slow down water flow. We will use a snake to remove any clogs.

    Leaks can also affect your plumbing system. If we install a new tub or shower over a hidden leak, you will have to remove the unit again in the near future to repair the problem once it becomes apparent. That’s why we provide a thorough inspection of your system before installing any new units. Our experienced team has the technology necessary to detect leaks, including special video cameras and ultrasound machines. Finding the source of the leak is the only way to provide the right repair. A leak can travel a long distance from where it drips, so accurate detection is crucial.

  • Why choose Greenville Plumbing for your project?

  • If your specific remodeling project requires tearing down walls or installing new pipes, there are several items to keep in mind as we strive to comply with local codes and safety regulations. Our experienced plumbers know what is required to keep your bathroom renovation compliant. We will help you with any permits or initial evaluations needed to start the project.

    This comprehensive bathroom remodeling service comes with upfront pricing. You will never have to wait until the end of the project to know how much you are paying. We provide an accurate quote at the very beginning, before any work has been done. This way, you can rest easy knowing exactly what to expect. The only surprise you will see is the improvement in your bathroom’s functionality.

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