• Greenville Furnace Repair & Installation

  • Don’t let your furnace break down in the middle of winter. Contact your Greenville Plumbing Pros furnace repair and installation experts at Greenville Plumbing Pros if you notice anything unusual with your heating system. We are here for you with 24/7 emergency service and fast solutions. Click here to see how we have helped residents throughout Greenville , NC and surrounding areas.

  • What are common furnace problems?

  • Can’t get your pilot light to spark up? This is a common furnace issue. A broken pilot light will leave your house feeling cold as ice. There are several root causes that can be easily fixed by our professional team. Contact us to get to the source of the problem and carry out the right solution.

    A faulty thermostat can also lead to problems. Trouble regulating the temperature in your home could also be a sign that parts of the motor for the furnace’s fan need repair.

    Low gas flow is another common issue with furnaces. The valves and lines feeding your furnace can malfunction and either cut off or hinder the supply.

    A sudden increase in your energy bill is often a sign your furnace is past due for maintenance.

    If you are noticing unusual problems with your furnace, contact us for immediate repair.

  • When is replacement necessary?

  • If your furnace has been in operation for over 15 years, you may need to consider replacement. There are also additional issues you may encounter that signal it is time for a new installation:

    • Spike in energy bill
    • Unusual noises coming from the furnace
    • Yellow furnace flame (instead of blue)

    Replacing an older furnace is an excellent way to save on energy costs while creating a more environmentally sustainable household. It is a small investment that quickly pays for itself in the long run.

  • What is checked during maintenance?

  • A change in seasons will sneak up on you and, in the blink of an eye, summer turns to fall. We recommend scheduling furnace maintenance before fall arrives and you turn up the heat. All furnaces need, at the very least, yearly tune-ups.

    There are several components that need to be checked during our annual inspections. The thermostat must be adjusted. Numerous parts controlling gas flow and usage must be inspected. Coils may need cleaning. Safety circuits need to be functioning correctly. Your furnace’s pump, drain, and fan motor have to be tested and adjusted.

    You can rest assured that your Greenville Plumbing Pros technician will leave your furnace running at its best so you can enjoy reliable heating no matter the season.

  • Is your home ready for the winter? Get quality furnace repair and installation with Greenville Plumbing Pros. Call us today at (252) 558-1195 to schedule an immediate appointment with our team.